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Inner Creative is all about empowering you to unlock your creativity, so you can create a life or business that’s more inspired and authentic to you.

Want to feel more excited, empowered and confident about what you are doing and where you’re headed in life or business?

Inner Creative works with individuals who long to be more creative (in their work and life), as well as those in business wanting to use a more creative and visual planning approach to develop their goals and direction.

Are you ready to get more inspired in your life or business?


  • Want to stop the busy work and get organised?
  • Tired of making goals that you don’t achieve?

Inner Creative Your Fresh Start 4 week plannerYour Fresh Start 4 Week Planner lets you press the reset button on your work, life or business, set a new clear direction for your future, and then stay on track to make it real.

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Castle in the Sky Visual Plan - innercreative.com.au

Create a “Castle in the Sky Visual Plan” for your business.
An inspiring creative plan to focus your business and align it with what matters most to you. 
This event has now been run.
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Inner Creative - Mandala Inspiration called "Extend". Click to see its supporting message.

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Natalia Walker from Inner Creative - Welcome! innercreative.com.auHello and welcome to Inner Creative!
My name is Natalia Walker, Founder of Inner Creative.

I believe that deep down everyone is creative. We just express it in different ways and to different degrees; most often it’s just waiting to be unleashed.

I am passionate about empowering you to create a life or business that reflects your personal style, passion and values. Creativity is such a powerful tool to reconnect with what matters to you.

I combine over 15 years of strategic planning expertise with my art practice and creative thinking know-how to help you tap into your unique form of creativity. 

I draw on a range of creative thinking tools, such as drawing, collage and my LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® certification, to run creativity workshops and business planning sessions where everyone participates and gets better results by harnessing their brain’s expansive, creative and intuitive thinking potential.

To keep my creativity flowing, I practice yoga, draw mandalas, and share laughs with my husband and 3 kids.

It all adds together to give you the strong foundation and confidence you need to build a more creative life and successful business, as well as working out the steps to get you there.

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Looking forward to also seeing you there!





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