How are you going to live your big dream today?

With the start of a new year there’s lot of talk about resolutions, setting goals and dreaming of the future.

I think that it’s important to dream, explore the possibilities, and imagine what could happen. We need something to aim for, inspire us, and to help us work out which way to go and what choices to make. But sometimes our dreams can feel a little too big, almost impossible. Some may tell you to give up on your ‘fantasy’, or to translate it into something more realistic and manageable.

I say ‘ Dream big, step small.’ We need to stretch ourselves and our possibilities And we can’t do that if we’re staying small and in the realm of tangible fact and our current day reality. So, go for it! Dream big, step small.
Dream big, step small. Natalia Walker quote. Inner Creative.

So you might think that the rest of this blog might be about how to work backwards from your big dream and chunk it down into smaller steps that you can slowly work through towards your dream. And that’s a totally valid and sensible way of going about it. However, I’m going to talk about how to go even smaller, and to think about what you can do today: how are you going to live your big dream today? Continue reading

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Planning Tool – Stop, Start, Continue. Part 2.

Creating a vision for the year ahead (or for a new project) is always fun. But before you can start to work out what you want, it’s good to think about where you came from.

In the previous blog (Part 1), we introduced the Stop, Start, Continue tool (the 3 questions):

  • What do I want to stop?Inner Creative Planning Tool: Stop Start Continue. Part 2
  • What do I want to start?
  • What do I want to continue?

We also covered how to pick the topic to focus your questions on. You can use this tool in any personal, work or business context, from creating your vision for the year ahead to reviewing your business plan. This tool is useful for anything that you would like to change, or a problem that needs exploring.

In this blog, we’ll be unpicking those 3 questions a little more, and expanding on them so you can work out what you need to do to make and support your changes. Continue reading

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Planning Tool – Stop, Start, Continue. Part 1.

The start of a new year is such a hopeful time. Promises, dreams and resolutions abound. It’s also a time for reflection- when we can look back over the past year to work out what new things we want to do and what things we want to leave behind us in the past.

Inner Creative Planning Tool: Stop Start Continue. Part 1One of my favourite ways of getting to the quick of this is to use the Stop, Start, Continue tool. It’s very simple and can be useful in any context – from creating a personal vision for the year, finding ways to be more creative, or setting fitness goals, to holding a team building session, or reviewing your business plan. Basically, you can use it for anything that you would like to change or a problem that needs picking apart.

So what is the Stop, Start, Continue tool? And how does it work? Continue reading

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Creative Inspiration-Wishes for a Creative New Year

Happy New Year!

I found this quote by Neil Gaiman and just had to share it with you. It sums up my wishes for you this year. May you live a more creative life this year and find many ways to express your uniqueness and “live as only you can”.

Creative Inspiration-Wishes for a creative new year from Inner Creative. Neil Gaiman quote May your coming year...

I love this time of year. There’s a sense of possibility. We can allow ourselves to dream and imagine ‘what if?’ What if I took the plunge to turn my idea into something real? What if I finally went on that big holiday adventure? What if I made some more space and time to do things that I love? 

But there’s also danger that these dreams can stay just that, especially when ‘real life’ kicks in. So first, we need to be clear and know exactly what we’re aiming for: what is our vision? What would you like your 2015 to look like? What is your creative dream? What things would you like to do? Where would you like to go? How would you like to feel? Continue reading

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