Mandala Inspiration – Return to Self

Welcome to this week’s Inspiration Mandala called “Return to Self”.

This week’s mandala was inspired by a friend’s suggestion for me to create a mandala around the theme of being homesick. I also wanted to do something more abstract and not symmetrical after receiving such a positive response from sharing last week’s black and white asymmetrical Light and Shadow mandala, as well as Jacinta Cubis’ urging to break patterns in last week’s The Creative Life Interview.

Read further to find out how you can create your own mandala in a similar style.

Inner Creative Mandala Inspiration - Return to Self. Click to see more and learn how to make a similar mandala of your own.

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The Creative Life of Jacinta Cubis – Qbis

Welcome to another instalment of The Creative Life interview series!
Each month shines a spotlight on how business owners incorporate their creativity across all aspects of their life, and give some ‘behind the scenes’ insight into how they started and plan for their business.

This month I’d like to introduce you to The Creative Life of Jacinta Cubis of Qbis: engagement & partnership specialists.

Jacinta Cubis connects people and facilitates partnerships for social impact. When not facilitating a workshop or drawing out the story of a partnership, she’ll be on her yoga mat, in her art studio or on the tango dance floor.

Jacinta Cubis featured in Inner Creative blog The Creative Life of Jacinta Cubis. Image: Sophie Read, Concrete Cloud Photography

Jacinta Cubis facilitating a conversation with her favourite tools – open ears, a smile, coloured pens and a canvas. Image credit: sophie read, concrete cloud photography

I really enjoyed talking to Jacinta. She is truly a Renaissance woman! She has so many creative interests in addition to her partnership brokering business. I love the enthusiasm that she brings to everything that she does.

In this interview you’ll learn about:

  • Having a creative outlet helps with problem solving
  • The importance of being yourself to connect with and get new clients
  • Using creativity to become more grounded and escape anxiety and being in one’s headspace
  • Breaking patterns to get out of a rut and working out what to do next
  • Ideas for scheduling your diary to make time for creativity
  • Making sure you have a call to action in your marketing and communications.

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Mandala Inspiration – Light and Shadow

Welcome! This week’s Inspiration Mandala is called “Light and Shadow”.

This week’s mandala is from my own personal mandala archives. It’s one of my first hand drawn mandalas. It’s very rare in my collection as it’s drawn with a black and white fine liner. Also, a lot of my more recent mandalas are more symmetrical. And that’s the beauty of mandalas – they can be created in so many different ways. Enjoy!

Inner Creative - Mandala Inspiration called "Light and Shadow". Click to see its supporting message.

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Mandala Inspiration – You are a Treasure (revisited again)

Welcome! This week we’re once again revisiting the Inspiration Mandala called “You are a Treasure”.

 I have shared different versions of the mandala outline that I created for the Christmas inspired mandala. The main difference is the colour palette. I’ve created them in purple, green and blue. This time it’s in red!

Inner Creative Mandala Inspiration - You are a treasure. Click to get a copy of the colouring page.

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