When you’re tired of pushing yourself to get things done

May I introduce you to Stick.

Stick has been a longstanding companion of mine. He’s been there with me through tough times when I really didn’t want to do things on my ‘to do’ list but did them anyway, the late nighters working to meet a deadline, and making sure that I delivered on all of my promises (even if they may have been unrealistic). He’s also been there shifting the goal posts, reminding me that failure or saying ‘no’ is never an option, and telling me what I do is never enough– that I should be doing more, doing better. Stick’s been pushing me through thick and thin.

Inner Creative blog - When you're tired of pushing yourself to get things done

*Interesting when I created the above image for this blog I made a Freudian slip on the blog title – but decided to keep it because sometimes that’s a better reflection of how I treat myself 🙁 


I know that Stick means well, but I’m getting a bit tired of Stick. In fact, I’m finding Stick’s powers are starting to wane. Stick doesn’t motivate me so well any more. It’s hard to keep getting beaten when you’re already lying on the ground.


So I’ve decided to say goodbye to Stick.

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