On regret… (as inspired by Lucille Ball)

This morning the following Lucille Ball quote came into my inbox. And it got me thinking about regret…

Inner Creative Blog - "On regret..." innercreative.com.au

I try to live my life without regret.
This might mean speaking up to ask a question. Drawing a line in the sand and taking a stand for something I believe in. Accepting an invitation even when I’m nervous about going. Sharing an image online of something I’ve created. Giving my kids a kiss at the school gate. Having a hard discussion to clear the air. Asking for something. The list is endless.
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Can procrastination be good for you?

Have you ever been prone to procrastination?

I know that I’ve been guilty of it many times.

But I’ve come to realise that procrastination isn’t always bad. In fact, I’ve come to see it as an opportunity, rather than something to beat myself up about.
Let me explain…

Inner Creative Blog - Can Procrastination be good for you? innercreative.com.au

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Mandala Inspiration – A safety buoy in a sea of change

This week’s Inspiration Mandala is titled “A Safety Buoy in a Sea of Change”.

This week’s mandala was inspired by a friend’s request for some support during the upcoming planetary upheaval over the coming months. She was aware that there will be a lot of ‘mutable’ planets this year, which means that there will be a lot of shifting rather than things being fixed. She wanted support to be able to move with the changes rather than being fearful and clinging to what was. Her preferred attitude was “We’re on a bumpy journey and it’s a bit scary, but there’s something exciting and inspiring ahead.” She used the metaphor of having a safety buoy in a sea of change. 

I am not an astrology expert by any means. A lot of it goes over my head. So I just sat down with the intent of creating a ‘a safety buoy in a sea of change’.

This is the mandala that emerged from following my intuition.

Inner Creative Mandala Inspiration - Place of Safety - innercreative.com.au

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The Creative Life of Thanuja Gunatillake – Santé Photography

Welcome to this first instalment of The Creative Life interview series! 

I believe that we’re all creative and that we can bring it into many facets of our life.
Each month I will interview people to find out how they express and nurture their creativity, as well as how they make room for it with everything else that’s going on in their lives. I’m also interested in learning about how they approach the business side of things if they have one.

So please, allow me to introduce you to…

The Creative Life of Thanuja Gunatillake.

Thanuja Gunatillake is the founder and owner of Santé Photography. Thanuja set up Santé to capture those special moments and people in life that are worth celebrating. While Santé Photography is her labour of love, Thanuja is also a devoted Mum and works full-time in transport advocacy.

Inner Creative Blog - The Creative Life of Thanuja Gunatillake. innercreative.com.au. Photo credit: Thanuja Gunatillake©Santé Photography

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What was the Mandala Play Adventure about?

In early April 2015, I went on a Play Adventure where each day for 30 days I ‘coloured in’ a mandala colouring page (that I had previously created).

Here are all thirty designs that I created out of that one mandala colouring page. I even surprised myself by how many different and unique results I could create out of such a seemingly simple outline.
Inner Creative Play Adventure 30 days of mandalas. Read the blog about what I learnt about creativity. innercreative.com.au
This Play Adventure was rewarding in so many ways. I introduced more play and fun into my day. I got to express myself creatively. I learnt more about the creative process and what worked for me. It also got me thinking about creative inspiration, taking risks and how ideas can flow. I learnt so much!
I captured my learning in the following blogs each week:

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