Creativity tool – Go random to do your problem solving

Are you stuck for ideas at work? Or have a problem you need to solve?
The easiest way to get inspiration for new ideas is to give our brain some new inputs and stimulation.* 
So go out and expose yourself to different places, people and things. And remember that you can take in this new information through any of your five senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell.

You can also create new ideas by combining old ideas in a new or random way.

One of my common approaches is to use metaphors and analogies to see a problem or situation from a different perspective.

Inner Creative Blog -Creativity tool - Be random to do your problem solving - Image: Paul Skorupskas

In my recent guest post for Motivating MumI walk you through how to use the Random Word Tool to get a different perspective on an issue you might be facing. This tool helps you find new ideas by taking a random word and trying to connect it with your issue in as many ways as you can.

The guest post is titled ‘Get a fresh perspective to revitalise your business’ and is written from a business perspective. But you can still adapt this tool to any issue you might be facing at work or at home.
*If you’re interested in finding out more about how we get new ideas and inspiration then read my previous blog on How to find creative inspiration.
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