Harnessing Your Characteristics for Creativity

A little while ago, I wrote a blog called Discover the Magic Formula to Creativity about finding a key to filter which creative tips and tools are right for you.


It all boils down to one thing: YOU. 
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For example:
  • Are you a morning person or a night owl?
  • Do you like to work in big blocks of time or in short bursts?
  • Do you like to get ‘hands on’ when you’re thinking?
  • Or do you need to see things written up first?
The more you understand yourself, your nature, work patterns, priorities, and habits, the easier it is to harness these qualities to bring more creativity into your work and life.

We’re also more likely to be creative when we’re relaxed and being ourselves. 

Great! You might say. I understand that I’m a morning person who likes to get hands on in my projects and prefer to work in short bursts of activity. How’s that going to help me be more creative?

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Discover the magic formula to creativity

People often ask me for the secret to being more creative, whether it’s for their life or in business. Unfortunately, there’s no one magic formula for creativity that’s going to work for everyone. However, there is a key we can use to filter out which creativity techniques are going to bring us each success.

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What was the Mandala Play Adventure about?

In early April 2015, I went on a Play Adventure where each day for 30 days I ‘coloured in’ a mandala colouring page (that I had previously created).

Here are all thirty designs that I created out of that one mandala colouring page. I even surprised myself by how many different and unique results I could create out of such a seemingly simple outline.
Inner Creative Play Adventure 30 days of mandalas. Read the blog about what I learnt about creativity. innercreative.com.au
This Play Adventure was rewarding in so many ways. I introduced more play and fun into my day. I got to express myself creatively. I learnt more about the creative process and what worked for me. It also got me thinking about creative inspiration, taking risks and how ideas can flow. I learnt so much!
I captured my learning in the following blogs each week:

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Creativity tips – Facing your creative fears – Insight from Week 3 of the Mandala Play Adventure

Here we are at Week 3 of my mandala play adventure!

Inner Creative Play Adventure Mandala Week 3 - Featured in a blog about Facing your creative fears - innercreative.com.au

After having such an experimental and rewarding time in Week 2, I began to face some creative blocks in this week. I was starting to feel scared that I wasn’t going to be as innovative or as exciting as I was the previous week.

The big insight that I came across this week related to facing my creative fears, taking risks and allowing myself to be vulnerable.

Inner Creative - Blog on Facing Your Creative Fears -innercreative.com.au

When I started this play adventure, the reason that I decided to post my completed image on Facebook was to create some form of accountability for myself. I really wanted to make sure that I would create a new mandala each day. And it definitely worked as a motivator for me, especially when I was feeling less than enthused, or had left it as the last thing on my ‘to do’ list for the day. (Luckily I always ended up enjoying it once I started.) So it was a positive, knowing that there were people that would see what I had created at the end of the day.

But, it was also scary to think that there were going to be people who would see what I’d created at the end of the day. What if the mandala isn’t any good? What if people don’t like it? What if it gets boring? What if people dislike my mandalas so much that they ‘de-friend’ me? and so it goes… Continue reading

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