On regret… (as inspired by Lucille Ball)

This morning the following Lucille Ball quote came into my inbox. And it got me thinking about regret…

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I try to live my life without regret.
This might mean speaking up to ask a question. Drawing a line in the sand and taking a stand for something I believe in. Accepting an invitation even when I’m nervous about going. Sharing an image online of something I’ve created. Giving my kids a kiss at the school gate. Having a hard discussion to clear the air. Asking for something. The list is endless.
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Creativity tips – The secret to making a creative habit – Final insight from the Mandala Play Adventure

Inner Creative Play Adventure 30 days of mandalas. Read the blog about establishing a creative practice - innercreative.com.au

Going on a mandala Play Adventure was rewarding in so many ways. I got to introduce more play and fun into my day. I got to express myself creatively. I learnt more about the creative process and what worked for me. But the biggest takeaway was learning about the importance of developing a creative habit or practice: doing something creative on a regular basis and making it a normal part of my everyday life.

In the first week of my mandala Play Adventure, I wrote about the practical tips that helped me make time to create my mandalas each day. In this blog, I want to share the secret behind making a creative habit.

Inner Creative Blog on The Secret to Making a Creative Habit - innercreative.com.au

By creative habit, I mean that you are spending time on a specific creative project (like collating a photo book, colouring in a colouring book, or knitting a baby rug). It can also include what’s known as a creative practice, where you are developing a particular craft or skill over time, for example short story writing, watercolour painting, or hand carving wooden chess pieces.


So what’s the secret to making this happen?

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Get a hobby to be more creative at work

Hobby painting in art journal www.innercreative.com.ai

Inner Creative’s Natalia enjoys painting in her art  journal as a hobby

So what do you do when you get home from work? Do you plonk yourself in front of the TV to zone out? Or do you carve out some time to spend on a hobby?

Any regular activity that you do for fun is considered to be a hobby. It can include such a wide range of activities, such as drawing, playing an instrument, learning a language, playing on an indoor cricket team, gardening, knitting, baking up a storm in the kitchen, or tinkering on your bike. According to conventional wisdom, hobbies are good for taking a break from our everyday pressures and releasing stress. They can also provide an opportunity for self-expression and creativity. And if you join a club or class, hobbies can provide a chance to meet new people and be social. Continue reading

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