Discover the magic formula to creativity

People often ask me for the secret to being more creative, whether it’s for their life or in business. Unfortunately, there’s no one magic formula for creativity that’s going to work for everyone. However, there is a key we can use to filter out which creativity techniques are going to bring us each success.

Inner Creative Blog Discover the Magic Formula to Creativity.

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Tips for Introverts – Run a whiteboard meeting that includes everyone

So you’ve just heard that you got your new project funded, or there’s an issue looming on the horizon. Quick! Get everyone to the whiteboard!Run a whiteboard meeting that includes everyone including introverts

And while the whiteboard is a great way for capturing ideas from a group, using one doesn’t guarantee the best or most creative results from everyone there.
Whiteboard discussions are great for extraverts: people who get their energy from outside themselves. Extraverts can often think on their feet, and in fact, relish participating in a discussion because it can often help to clarify and stimulate their own thinking.

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