How it all started – and the power of a picture

Yesterday I received an email from a friend who had been to a personal development course where they did some collage. Nicely enough it made her think of me :-). She was so blown away by the experience. Collage gave her the opportunity to work on some tricky issues in a pictorial way and be able to express something that language couldn’t. 

And this is why I love what I do.

It might be fun and differentbut the real reason that I love collage, drawing, and LEGO is that it bypasses your language and logical brain to tap into your subconscious and more expansive, intuitive thinking to answer whatever issue or question you need to solve.

It helps you see something from a totally different point of view, and opens up so many more possible solutions and approaches than if you took a ‘1 + 1 =’ linear approach.

Inner Creative Blog -The Power of a Picture.

The passion that I heard from my friend reverberated through my mind. It took me down memory lane back to my first experience in using drawing as a thinking tool.

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Tips for Introverts – Run a whiteboard meeting that includes everyone

So you’ve just heard that you got your new project funded, or there’s an issue looming on the horizon. Quick! Get everyone to the whiteboard!Run a whiteboard meeting that includes everyone including introverts

And while the whiteboard is a great way for capturing ideas from a group, using one doesn’t guarantee the best or most creative results from everyone there.
Whiteboard discussions are great for extraverts: people who get their energy from outside themselves. Extraverts can often think on their feet, and in fact, relish participating in a discussion because it can often help to clarify and stimulate their own thinking.

But what about introverts: people who need some quiet to go inside their own thought space? Continue reading

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