Dealing with Uncertainty

Being creative is full of uncertainty. Sometimes it can get scary.
The blank page can be awfully intimidating.

What if I mess it up? What if I get it wrong?

Inner Creative Blog -Dealing with uncertainty.

Unfortunately there are no guarantees.

There is no guarantee that a business idea will fly; that your experiment in the kitchen will taste any good; that you’ll adequately capture that smile on your camera.

There is always some element of risk.

But you’ll never know unless you try it out first.

I am now in my 16th week of my Mandala Inspiration posts (you can see the individual posts here).

Mandala Inspiration featured in Inner Creative Blog -Dealing with uncertainty.

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Each time I start to draw a new mandala I have no idea what the final outcome will be. I might have a clue about the colour scheme or that I want to use triangles, but that’s about it. I don’t have a vision of the finished mandala in my head when I start. I don’t know if what I create will be any good.

I just have to trust that by taking action I will get to where I need to go.

It comes down to committing to your idea/project/business, backing yourself and taking a leap. Having a go. Most importantly, doing something.

Take action.

Sometimes it may be as small as deciding to do something and then being brave enough to share your idea with someone else so that you become more accountable and follow up on your plan. Or you can create something for your eyes only.

Unfortunately taking action does not totally remove the uncertainty or the fear that comes with it. But the more you practice, the easier it is to start and to build your resilience. You get better at picking yourself up and trying again if things don’t work out as you originally planned.

Having created all of these mandalas does not mean that I’m not nervous when I pick up my pencil to draw a new one. It doesn’t protect me from failure or mistakes. But each time I finish drawing and post it on the internet it tells me that I have conquered my fear, that I have learnt something, and that hopefully there is someone out there that has enjoyed my mandala even in some small way. Most importantly, that the world will still go on despite the look of my mandala.

I have written about the different ways I have overcome fear and uncertainty in a blog during last year’s Mandala Play Adventure. My two main take-aways are:

  • Feel the fear and do it anyway (à la Susan Jeffers)
  • Share how you’re feeling; that is, get some support

It’s all very well to feel the fear but why go it alone if you don’t have to?

I just love this H. Jackson Brown Jnr quote – The shortest way to get anywhere is to have good company (and this Annie Spratt image).

"The shortest way to get anywhere is to have good company" H.Jackson Brown Jnr quote featured in Inner Creative Blog -Dealing with uncertainty.

So it’s in this spirit that I have created a special deal for the 22nd July Castle in the Sky Visual Plan Workshop. I am offering a “You + Friend” ticket where if you book 2 tickets at once you’ll save $15 each (This event has now been run, but sign up to find out about the next Inner Creative planning workshop, as well as other useful creativity tips for your business.)

If you’re not confident about your ability to draw or to get a good looking result, then don’t worry. I have your back. You will not leave the workshop without an inspired plan for your business. But I also get that it’s nice to have a familiar face along side of you. The more the merrier I say :-), so bring along a business friend.

But above all, if you want to be creative in your life, work or biz, there will always be some uncertainty.

All you really need is the initiative and courage to take some action.

So what are you going to do now to bring some more creativity in your life, work or biz?

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