Mandala Inspiration – ‘Creating Flow’ for the Sacral Chakra

Welcome to another Inspiration Mandala, which is titled “Creating Flow”.

This week’s Inspiration Mandala continues on a previous theme of the Chakra energy system. This mandala relates to the Sacral Chakra. This Chakra is located below the naval around our reproductive area. It is associated with creativity, pleasure, sexuality, energy, and movement.

Inner Creative - Mandala Inspiration called "Creating Flow". Click to see its supporting message.

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Creativity tool – Go random to do your problem solving

Are you stuck for ideas at work? Or have a problem you need to solve?
The easiest way to get inspiration for new ideas is to give our brain some new inputs and stimulation.* 
So go out and expose yourself to different places, people and things. And remember that you can take in this new information through any of your five senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell.

You can also create new ideas by combining old ideas in a new or random way.

One of my common approaches is to use metaphors and analogies to see a problem or situation from a different perspective.

Inner Creative Blog -Creativity tool - Be random to do your problem solving - Image: Paul Skorupskas

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The Creative Life of Alli Price – Motivating Mum

Welcome to this month’s instalment of The Creative Life interview series!
Each month shines a spotlight on how business owners incorporate their creativity across all aspects of their life, and gives some ‘behind the scenes’ insight into how they started and plan for their business.

This month I’d like to introduce you to Alli Price of Motivating Mum.

Alli Price runs Motivating Mum and is passionate about helping mums in business, or those starting out, achieve their business dreams. She offers inspiration and education through monthly Biz Mums Clubs, mentoring and affordable business services. Alli also runs an annual Awards and Conference and a charity event, Mummy Mentoring Festival.

Alli Price featured in Inner Creative blog The Creative Life of Alli Price. Image: Kyra Ann Photography

Alli Price of Motivating Mum with her girls. Image: Kyra Ann Photography

It was so inspiring to speak to Alli about how much she loves her business and how creativity is such a fundamental part of running her business. She has a such a grounded down-to-earth attitude to it all, yet still manages to bring a sense of play and fun to everything she touches.

This interview is like having your own private biz mentoring session with Alli. So keep on reading to learn about:

  • How it’s always easier to find the time to do things that you are most passionate about
  • Finding a balance between work, kids and running the house
  • Working out what your customers want to make money
  • What to do when your ideas don’t work or when you get stuck
  • The big mistake that Alli sees people making in their business and the part that fear can play in it
  • And what Alli really thinks about mistakes.

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Mandala Inspiration – ‘Grounded’ for the Root Chakra

Welcome to this week’s Inspiration Mandala called “Grounded”.

This week’s Inspiration Mandala is inspired by the Chakra energy system, in particular the Root Chakra. This Chakra is located at the base of the spine. It is associated with safety, security and being grounded.

Inner Creative - Mandala Inspiration called "Grounded". Click to see its supporting message.

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