Can procrastination be good for you?

Have you ever been prone to procrastination?

I know that I’ve been guilty of it many times.

But I’ve come to realise that procrastination isn’t always bad. In fact, I’ve come to see it as an opportunity, rather than something to beat myself up about.
Let me explain…

Inner Creative Blog - Can Procrastination be good for you?

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Creative Tool: Want easier, better decision making?

Do you want to get better at making decisions, or working out if something’s right for you? Do you want to stop muddling through every business decision, making things up on the fly, or as you go along?

There are lots of factors to consider when trying to make the right decision for you. But one thing that helps is understanding your values.

Inner Creative Blog - Creative Values Tool: Want easier, better decision making? - Image Credit: Karen Arnold

Have you ever made a decision that looked good on paper, but still made you feel uneasy? Often when we’re feeling conflicted about a choice it can mean that it’s in conflict with one or more of our values. When you know what your values are, it’s easier to work out what’s important to you and know what you stand for. The opportunity might just need a small tweak to realign it with your values and give it the go ahead.

In this blog, I’ll share a Creative Values Tool that you can use to quickly work out what your top 3-5 values are. Value exercises are also great for creating a shared identity for your team, so that everyone’s on the same page. Continue reading

Creativity tips – How limits can be good for your creativity – insights learnt from Week 2 of my Play Adventure

Inner Creative Play Adventure Week 2

Wow! It’s hard to believe how fast I hit the week two mark of my mandala Play Adventure (you can see how it all started here). This week I really tested the limits of what I could do through this exercise in terms of ‘colouring in’ a mandala every day.

This week’s mandalas were very different from what I created in week 1. I purposely didn’t try to colour within the lines. But I also tried to remain respectful of the original mandala form within the mandala colouring page. Needless to say, it created an interesting tension and dynamic between following the rules and wanting to break out of them.

So my key insight from this week related to the value of self-imposed limits in sparking creativity.

Inner Creative - Blog on How Limits Can Be Good for Your Creativity -

At face value, one might think that the opposite was true – that rules and limits would be counterproductive to creativity. But I think that it relates to the nature of the task and its timing. Continue reading

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