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2016 is just racing by here! 


But there’s still plenty of time to take stock and work out what would bring you the most joy or relief to have completed by the end of this year. And then most importantly, to go ahead and make it happen :-).


If you’ve been following me on either Facebook or Instagram, you would have seen some of the work going on behind-the-scenes. You can also get a sneak peek by checking out my new website header above (a bit like the image below).
Inner Creative website header with new and upcoming products
Today I’d like to give you an update on what’s coming up that might help you get your affairs in order or, at the very least, give you a little inspiration :-).

So do any of these issues resonate with you right now?
  • Too much to do? Want more time?
  • Want to start 2017 knowing exactly where you’re taking your business?
  • Want an “Inspiration Pick-me-up” or help with your Christmas list?

Too much to do? Want more time?

Inner Creative Weekly Planning Printables - innercreative.com.au
At this time of year, our ‘to do’ lists are starting to get long. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of feeling guilty or overwhelmed with having too much to do, and then not having the time or energy to do it.
There are two things that might help with this.


The first is an upcoming FREE eBook and 3 week Challenge email series to help you bust through the procrastination you’re facing on one of your current projects. (You know the one :-).) By the end of the 3 weeks, my goal is for you to feel relieved, ‘on top of things’ and celebrating that you’ve either finished this project or made significant progress and got lots of momentum to keep working on it. (It’s FREE for subscribers – so join up to find out how you can join the Challenge once it’s launched.)


The other is a weekly planner to:
  • manage ‘to do’ list overwhelm
  • learn how to create realistic expectations and stop becoming over-committed
  • get unstuck and work out what task to do next
  • continue to make progress towards yearly headline and monthly goals
  • reflect and improve on each coming week.
I originally created the planner as a set of worksheets for myself. It was only after I casually shared my ‘to do’ list (pictured above) on Instagram, and was asked “Where do I get one of those?” that I started thinking about making them available for others.


So keep your eye out for more information over the next few weeks on these planning tools, including a special offer for Inner Creative Subscribers (so join up if you don’t want to miss out on this special)


You can also check out my other planning tools behind-the-scenes on Instagram.

Want to start 2017 knowing exactly where you’re taking your business?

It’s great to take some time to enjoy the holiday season. But its after-effects and sluggishness can last well into January (especially if you’ve also got the kids at home). And before you know it, it’s February and you already feel like you’re behind the eight ball.
So before the holidays hit, it’s the perfect time to reflect on your year to date and get ready to meet 2017 without breaking your stride.


Back by popular demand, I’ll be running another set of in-person Castle in the Sky Visual Planning Workshops for 2017. 
Inner Creative Castle in the Sky Visual Plan innercreative.com.au
It’s not your average biz planning workshop – we’ll be using colour and pictures to tap into your brain’s natural capacity for expansive ‘big picture’ thinking. And no you don’t need to be an artist to get a great result :-).


At the end of this workshop, you’ll walk out with a visual plan that sets your vision and headline goal for the year, as well as some clear actions and strategies to get you there.


The details are getting finalised for at least 2 different workshop dates during November and early December.
And keep an eye out for how you can book your ticket. Once again Subscribers get a special Inner Creative ticket deal (so join up to take advantage of this special).

Want an ‘Inspiration Pick-me-up’ or help with your Christmas list?

For nearly 7 months, I’ve been creating and posting a Mandala Inspiration* every Monday. It’s such a labour of love.


Thank you for all of the lovely feedback and support you’ve given. Coincidentally last week’s Inspiration Mandala (pictured with some flowers from my garden) is a “Thank You Mandala”. So thank you!

Inner Creative Mandala Inspiration Thank You Mandala - innercreative.com.auI’ve been so buoyed by your feedback that I’m taking the leap into creating Christmas Cards and a 2017 Calendar. You might be able to spy the two card samples in my new website header pictured above. Here’s a preview of them arriving in the box from the printer.

Inner Creative Christmas cards 2016 preview - innnercreative.com.au
So look out for how you can make your card and calendar orders, with a special pre-order offer just for Inner Creative Subscribers. 


When you sign up to Inner Creative’s Mandala subscription you get FREE mandala colouring pages and the option to receive Mandala Inspirations every Monday.

Phew! Now that’s a bit :-). I hope that there’s something in there to help you. 
Can’t wait to bring this all out to you over the next few weeks :-).


Sign up to stay tuned to get more information and special offers in your inbox, and follow along on FacebookInstagram, and the occasional Tweet.
Please post your comments below.

*A mandala is an ancient art form of developing patterns and shapes within a circle. Creating a mandala provides an opportunity for self-expression, relaxation and reflection.

Inner Creative website header with new and upcoming products - innercreative.com.au


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