What does creativity really give you?

Creativity is within all of us.

It’s in how we express ourselves, our ideas and how we do things. We use our creativity when we pick out what to wear in the morning, what we use our lunch break, how we talk with our colleagues or friends, and solve any issues that arise.

The problem is not that we don’t have creativity. It’s that we mightn’t be used to tapping into it, and if we do we mightn’t have the confidence to truly express ourselves or our ideas.

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Discover the magic formula to creativity

People often ask me for the secret to being more creative, whether it’s for their life or in business. Unfortunately, there’s no one magic formula for creativity that’s going to work for everyone. However, there is a key we can use to filter out which creativity techniques are going to bring us each success.

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What or where can you trace your creativity back to?

I recently discovered a treasure when I was sorting through some of my old school assignments that my mum had unearthed from her cupboards. It was a graphics design assignment called “Compass Design” that I had done back in Year 8 of high school. I got a bit of shock when to my surprise I discovered that I’d made my first mandala at age 13.

Inner Creative Finding the Compass Design Mandala. Blog "What or where can you trace your creativity back to?" How the past can give you clues to rediscovering your creativity- innercreative.com.au

I can’t actually remember creating this design. And I am not sure what the brief was for this assignment – my only assumption is that we had to use a compass. However, I can’t imagine that my ‘no nonsense’ graphics teacher would have asked us to create a design based on a mandala. In any case, I never even knew what a mandala was until a few years ago. So that’s why finding this little gem amongst my old school documents was such a lovely find. Continue reading

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